Happy to serve

DogJogJax is happy to serve all of your pet-sitting needs. We offer professional, loving, and affordable pet-sitting, walking, day care, and drop-in visits. Don’t let the name fool you – we take care of cats, too. 

Lots of options

If your dog is home alone all day and has excess energy when you get home and you are too tired, let us jog or walk your dog! If your dog misbehaves because he's bored or restless...let us tire him out!

Or take advantage of the private boarding options that DogJogJax offers when you're on vacation or traveling with work. Whether it’s just a long day or overnight, in-home boarding provides a home away from home for your pet.

Peace of mind

Wouldn't you feel more comfortable knowing your dog was free to roam, play, and get snuggles all day instead of spending your vacation locked in a kennel?

We love your animal as much as you do. And our goal is to tend to them and make sure they feel loved and special.

Here at DogJogJax, caring for your animal is our number one priority.